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We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at NFT FM. We have lots of new updates to our roadmap and some news about the payment structure we are adopting going forward.

NFT FM Roadmap

If you look at the roadmap you will see that we’ve added sections for the upcoming quarters, as well…

Fellenz’s dive into music production in 2020 coincided with COVID and NFTs hitting the world. He’s created a new library of music with a mix of styles ranging from rock, movie soundtrack and gaming themes, electronic music, to smooth R&B. With an ear for the eclectic, Fellenz makes it clear that music genre boundaries are made to be broken.

As we continue to develop as a platform, we want to take into consideration the feedback and propositions from our $VINYL holders. We have built a governance board where token holders can make proposals and vote on them (with their votes weighted based on their $VINYL holdings). …

Airdrops, NFT Farming, Governance and Community

Nearly half of our token, $VINYL, was sold to our community during our pre-sales, and most of the rest is allocated for Airdrops! Currently the two methods of acquiring more $VINYL are picking it up on uniswap, or being eligible for airdrops.

Did you…

We’ve been busy since launch.

In the last week we’ve put up a new homepage, free of unnecessary information. We’ve designed it to be a clear and easily scroll-able description of who we are, and what our platform is designed for. We’ve listed our tokens, and added Artist social medias…

The day draws nearer. As NFT FM launches tomorrow, May 22, at noon, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you all about the third artist to be launching with us, Sol Rising!

Meet the artist

Sol Rising began meditating at the age of four, and a music addict…

With NFT FMs launch only one days away, we couldn’t be more excited. Earlier today we announced our collaboration with The Polish Ambassador. And we have another musician we’re just as excited about: an EDM artist from London, Oshi!

Meet the artist

Oshi is a 22 year old artist by…

The past few weeks have been both busy and exciting. In case you didn’t know, we are proud to announce NFT FM will be launching Saturday, May 22, with three stellar artists and four exclusive NFTs.

First on the list is an electronic musician from Oakland, California, The Polish Ambassador!

Meet the artist

A look at who we are, and what we want to do

The explosion of digitally traded art has introduced millions to a new concept. …


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